Please bring the following

Bible, Psalter, notebook/writing utensils

Towels, sheets (regular sized twin beds), blankets, pillows,

Toothbrush, toiletries, paper towels, Lysol wipes, hand soap, bathroom mats

Fans (there is AC), camping chairs (there are minimal chairs available),

Swimsuits (1 piece or tankinis only) and athletic apparel

Pack-n-play (if you have infants or toddlers)

Please leave at home

Scooters, skateboards, longboards, bicycles, tricycles, ripsticks, and rollerblades.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lindsey Wilson Like?

Lindsey Wilson College has family friendly air-conditioned dormitories, cafeteria, comfortable meeting rooms and indoor recreational facilities, including a pool. The campus is ideally located amid the peaceful Kentucky countryside, close to Louisville, Lexington, and Nashville.

Do I have to register and pay online?

You must register online and pay your registration fee online. Your conference fees may either be paid online or by check.

May I pick which dorm I stay in?

Room Assignments will be based upon the following criteria (knowing your concerns early is helpful and appreciated):

  •  Size and needs of family

  • Handicap or disability

  • Full-timers have higher priority

  • Early registration

  • Special requests

 High School attendees will be housed with their gender groups unless otherwise notified.  Jr. High attendees will stay with their families.

I have trouble climbing steps. Are there elevators in all dorms?

Lindsey Wilson is a handicap accessible campus. All dorms are equipped with elevators and handicap rooms are available. Please note this request on your registration.

May I arrive early at the conference and/or stay late?

No early arrivals or late departures can be accommodated at the campus.

Can my child attend the conference without me?

Absolutely! Children under the age of 18 may attend without a parent IF a surrogate parent is identified on the registration form and the request is approved by conference staff.

Are registration fees refundable if I’m unable to attend?

Registration fees are non refundable. Conference fees may be refunded in full prior to the start of the conference. However, if you arrive at the conference and need to leave early we will not be able to credit or pro-rate your fees.

What other items should I bring?

Bible, Psalter, notebook, pens, towels, sheets, blankets, pillows, toothbrush, toiletries, paper towels, swimsuits (1 piece or tankinis only), athletic apparel.

Does the campus meet individual dietary restrictions?

Yes. Please note any special dietary needs on your registration form or in the comments field if registering online.

Is alcohol allowed?

Alcoholic beverages and tobacco are prohibited on campus.

Is there laundry service at the conference?

Yes. Central washers and dryers are available in each dorm.

Is free wifi available in my dorm?

Yes. Free wifi is available to all attendees.

So really, how comfortable are the beds?

There are a variety of mattresses in each dorm. Some range from moderately soft to firm. If concerned about sleeping on a hard mattress we recommend bringing a mattress pad.

Why are two offerings taken up at the conference?

Registration and conference fees only pay for a portion of the total expenses for the conference. We take up offerings to allow attendees to give as they feel led by the Lord to help cover the remainder of the expenses and keep the overall fees low.

Are the beds adjustable height?

Yes. Assistance is available for attendees who are unable to raise/lower the frames. Accommodations can easily be made for the elderly or disabled. Please note your request on the registration form or comments field.

Is there a dress code for the conference?

The conference and host university observes a conservative dress code. Skirts and shorts must be fingertip length. Tops must have two-inch straps. Males must wear shirts unless at the swimming pool. Females must wear swimsuits that provide appropriate coverage while at the swimming pool.

What if I get sick while I’m at the conference?

The nearest hospital is T.J. Health Columbia, 901 Westlake Dr, Columbia, KY 42728

Can my child bring their scooter?

Scooters, skateboards, longboards, bicycles, and rollerblades are not allowed at the conference.